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Phone: (732) 529-6068
Email Address: dunellennj@cluckuchicken.com 
Website Address:  http://www.cluckuchicken.com/locations_view_store.htm?id=47

Cluck-U ChickenCluck-U prepares creative and tasty chicken recipes, producing a menu that is unique and diverse, with offerings to satisfy a wide range of tastes.
For a healthy, delicious alternative to traditional fast food, patrons can choose from a variety of Chicken Sandwiches, Wraps, Chicken Tenders, Salads, Boomers, Compliments, Sides, Clucker-Spuds and Bees.
For something wild, different and delicious, Cluck-U offers their famous Wingers, Buffalo style chicken Wingers available in many different BBQ spicy sauces such as: (Mild, Atomic, Nuclear, Thermo-Nuclear and 911) and other specialty sauces such as: (Honey Hickory, Teriyaki, Gold Mustard, Cajun,Traditional and more).
*menu selections and prices subject to change

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